Shilton Village Noticeboard includes...

  • Shilton Village, Oxfordshire Events  which anyone wants to tell us about.
  • Shilton Events at the Rose and Crown and the church also the chapel.
  • Importantly the Shilton Old School Hall and we'll try to include links to other local web sites and photos of the best events.
  • the first photos are of Old Shilton and there's some Village History

Browse around this initial site and please let us have details of events. This site is hosted under the desk so has no advertising banners or other irritations.


Coming Events...

Listed here are a few up coming events that I know about, there must be many more so please tell me.

John Coghlan

Sunday 16th October saw another Pub performance this time with King Earl Blues Band. John Coghlan playing "In the Summertime"!!!!!



This is Shilton Info Home page, Rhys has registered the only remaining Shilton domain name he could find so that, now the village has broadband, there can be a village notice board. I've set up the framework but don't have time to contribute much, except perhaps the event calendar



Shilton Today

Thanks to David Ellis from Dingley, Victoria, Australia for a set of Shilton Photographs placed throughout the website

Shilton Yesterday

The old pictures of Shilton show how little has changed on the surface but look at the details, cottages gone, and trees that have grown.

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These columns are for the whole village, what about some village history. or stories. We'll try and add content if and when we get any.

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